Unemployment is a most pressing development challenge for Pakistan. Actually Pakistan is stuck into a vicious cycle of unemployment because every year more than a million graduates enter into job market while new jobs are not being produced with same capacity because of un-favorable environment for young entrepreneurs and less interests of youngsters in starting their own ventures.

In this regard, GADE Foundation has launched its flagship entrepreneurial training program for students with the name of “Kaavish” to create an enterprising culture among young men and women by encouraging qualities such as initiative, innovation, creativity and risk taking. Program aims to raise their awareness of the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment, and give them a better understanding of the role that youth can take in shaping their futures, as well as that of their country, by being entrepreneurial in their working lives and careers. The objectives of program can be summarized as:

• Creating awareness of enterprise and self-employment as a career option for young people.

• Developing positive attitudes towards sustainable enterprise, self-employment and social entrepreneurship.

• Providing knowledge and practice about the desirable attributes for starting and operating a successful enterprise.

• Preparing students to become job creators rather than job seekers through improved understanding of business.


Small Business Incubation


Today SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are considered by economists as the solution for various problems confronting the developing counties. Flexible and dynamic SME sector is very helpful to generate employment, upgrade the quality of workforce, earn foreign exchange, diffuse technological advancements and improve the business management skills. SMEs are also considered to be helpful in mobilizing the domestic sources towards productive use which otherwise may have remained unutilized and idle.

At one side the survival of SMEs in Pakistan is strongly challenged by the increased level of competition in global economy, on other hand they face lack of skilled human resource and management capacity. In this regard, GADE Foundation has established Incubation Center for Small Businesses in Pakistan with aim of capacity development of small business owners and to equip them with modern business management and leadership skills.


Young Women Entrepreneurs


Along with overall unemployment, another big problem of Pakistan is under-representation of women in economy. Women are more than 51% of Population in Pakistan but only 21% of them are actively working so in reality already weak economy is burdened with a big chunk of inactive-population.

So the only way to come out of this crisis is massive restructuring of economy that promote entrepreneurial culture from very root level and also empower women to become an active part of society. GADE Foundation has special focus to promote women entrepreneurship in which we explore specific opportunities within our cultural background and then focus on dedicated women universities to motivate young girls to become entrepreneurs in their lives. Small Business opportunities being promoted through this program include:


  • Freelancing

  • Home based beauticians

  • Tuition Centers

  • Dress Designing and Sewing


AGRI Pakistan


Pakistan is considered an agriculture economy because 70% population is directly or indirectly associated with agriculture. Unfortunately, conventional methods of cultivation, illiteracy of farmers, less approach to markets, exploitation by middle man, less knowledge about international standards have adverse effects on the agriculture productivity of Pakistan.

In given scenario, GADE Foundation has developed the project AGRI Pakistan to educate the famers and improve their understanding about sustainable agriculture which aims to develop farming system that are productive, profitable, conserving of resources and that ensure crop quality.


Empowering Youth for Reconciliation


The nation of Pakistan, a key player in global war on terror, has suffered the most causality in the conflict. In October, Taliban Shoot a Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai for her advocacy of female education. This shows the extent of extremism in the country and this extremism and the mindset that produces it is need to be addressed with long term commitment to resolve the issues at grassroots level. In this regard Youth as agent of peaceful culture can play very important role for reconciliation. The project “Empowering Youth for Reconciliation” is very important for Pakistan to create a culture of peaceful dialogue for conflict transformation. Core objectives of the project include:

  • To organize Leadership Training for young people

  • To mobilize the youth as agents of peaceful culture.

                                                             • To Strengthen Local Youth Networks for conflict resolution at local level.


Iftar Dastarkhwan




Iftar Dastarkhwan is a social project of GADE Foundation to mobilize the Youth to collect small donations from their community and organize meals for poor people in hospitals, orphanage, and poor communities and in old age homes. Program is carried out every year in the month of Ramdan.


Youth Activism



Apart from trainings and leadership development, GADE Foundation regularly organizes seminars and awareness events related such as Earth Day, Environment Day, Water Day, Dengue Awareness program, A walk for Dengue, Hazard and Disaster management workshop and world environment day. One important program in this category is “Green Nation Green Passion” an awareness campaign for clean environment.