Prsident, GADE Foundation

Salman Ahmad is known for his positive energy and public speeches full of motivation. He is one of the first ever recipients of Queens Young Leader’s Award in recognition for his work to promote entrepreneurship. After suffering from childhood polio, Salman has refused to let his mobility problems hold him back and co-founded the GADE Foundation, which aims to encourage and support entrepreneurship among young people and alleviate poverty. He was driven to set up GADE Foundation in 2011 after discovering that many young graduates in Pakistan were unable to find work. “I realised that there was a need in my country to motivate young people to become the job creators, rather than the job seekers, after they graduate” he says. GADE Foundation has established a number of projects which address social problems in Pakistan. It also works with other organisations to address issues arising from unemployment, and provides particular support for women wanting to join the workforce, including those that want to be able to operate in a freelance capacity from home. Providing a global platform for young entrepreneurs is now a priority for Salman.

Salman Ahmad is the recipient of several other international awards, including Commonwealth Scholarship, Legislative Fellowship by US State Department and was nominated for Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work in 2013. He has also received College of Social Sciences Scholarship from University of Glasgow to start his PhD in Adam Smith Business School from October, 2015.

Salman Ahmad has obtained his MSc. International Business degree in 2014 from University of Liverpool Management School on Commonwealth Shared Scholarship and received Student of the Year Award for securing highest grades in master program.

Our Team

Farhan Ahmed

Vice President

Farhan Ahmed is a co-founder of GADE Foundation and working as Vice President since 2011. He is MBA from Germany and his areas of expertise are Small Business Capacity development and inter cultural harmony.

Mohammad Usman

Director, Research & Development

Usman Munawar is working as Director Research & Development for GADE Foundation since 2012. He is engaged in organizing national and international research activities.

Zainab BiBi

Director, Women Empowerment

Zainab BiBi is working as Program Manager for GADE Foundation since 2013. Her areas of expertise are sustainability and women empowerment.

Fraz Ahmed

Director, ICT

Fraz Ahmed is working as Director Information and Communication Technologies with GADE Foundation since 2013. His area of expertise is tech entrepreneurship.

Our Aim

GADE Foundation aims to encourage and support entrepreneurship among young people and alleviate poverty. It works to raise their awareness of the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment, and give them a better understanding of the role that youth can take in shaping their futures, as well as that of their country, by being entrepreneurial in their working lives and careers.

Our Objectives

  1. To encourage and facilitate young people to become job creators rather than job seekers.
  2. To lobby for policy initiatives to create favorable environment for young entrepreneurs.
  3. To work for capacity development of young entrepreneurs and small business owners.